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A Ping Tree is an industry term that describes a network of integrated lenders who pay on lead conversion.
The ‘first look lead’ has the highest commission and the ‘last look lead’ has the lowest commission in any specific “ping tree”.

Leadspot is a multi-product pingtree-based lead distribution and monetisation platform. It is designed to allow lead generators the ability to completely manage their own pingtree, from start to finish..

The process is simple: for example a customer applies for a loan, through our form on your website. The lead is then sent to multiple lenders in real time. A lender will purchase the lead and you will receive commission for it.

We’re well-placed, in every sense of the word, to meet your needs. Leadspot Ltd. trades in a dynamic area in South Manchester, with many financial businesses that would benefit greatly from Leadspot. It is also extremely close to Manchester city centre, and all the major motorways, so access to any business is simple.

We offer demonstrations, and training for the top level owner of the software at our clients’ premises. If this is not required, then the installation can be carried out remotely, as the software is web-based.

The key features of Leadspot are:

Create channels for multiple industries Automatically attempt a sale to as many partners as you want Automate forwarding of leads to alternative products at various points of the customer journey, based on preset data key values Move partners higher or lower in the ‘pingtree’ in real-time Create affiliates under your own login and set your own commercials Allow affiliates to create their own affiliates, on their own commission rate Score customers based on preset data key values Set marketing trigger points for various points in the customer journey Send scheduled marketing SMSs or emails out automatically Receive notifications warnings, updates and contact from Leadspot users in your network in real time Set network auctions for your unsold leads, and reduce prices based on age Register and pay online for additional modules, and start using straight away

We are always striving to implement new innovative ideas so therefore short term loan lender relationships are very important to us. We don’t like to react to the market, we like to talk to you about ideas that you would benefit from and look to deliver solutions. We see our platform as an extension to your own resource.

With Leadspot, online sales can be taken and paid for at any time of the day, 365 days a year. Give us a call to find out more.